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>>Book 1 - The young and playful Pushy out and about with friends and family.

>>Book 2 - Pushy survives some amazing adventures and along the way grows up, and has a family of her own.

Our Main Characters:

Pushy the Hamster, Dana the Tiger, Diane the Dog, and Dad.

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image of Dana the Tiger

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Pushy Rescued?


So what really happened to Pushy in the ball?  Did she really die?  If you need to catch up with the story, read about the Shirt Book.

Maybe Pushy just ran out of air...until suddenly, someone with sharp teeth took a bite out of the ball.  Whoosh!  Air came back to the ball.  Pushy woke up!  Wow, that was a close one!  So, who saved Pushy, was it Dana (the tiger), or maybe Diane (the dog), please leave your vote below in the comments, and explain why you think it was Dana or Diane who saved Pushy!

Dana Rescues Pushy

Dana Rescues Pushy

Diane Rescues Pushy

Diane Rescues Pushy

Please leave your vote for Dana or Diane in the comments below.

Pushy Takes a Break

Pushy Takes a Break
One day after Pushy was rescued she went on the swing so she can be better after she was stuck in the ball.

Pushy is Lost

Pushy is Lost
After taking a break Pushy started to wander around and around.  She fell asleep and then later she woke up in a big field with many mustard flowers.

Where was she?

Somewhere in California or?...

Please comment below and let us know where you think Pushy ended up and maybe give directions so she can come home to California.

There are many other places where mustards grow.

Maybe even other countries!

Pushy Has a Baby

Pushy has a Baby
One day Pushy was running and she felt sick so she went home and she took some pills and went to the hospital and had a baby named Lushy, and it was a girl and she had brown eyes, and she was yellow like her mom Pushy.